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Why I Love Making Pasta


I've only made pasta a handful of times and each time I did a bunch of stuff wrong, but  each time I was also able to work through the problem and end up with an amazing result. It's very forgiving. Tonight I ended up with a dough that was too dry and it took me an hour to slowly work moisture into it and re-roll. This would have ruined many dishes but the end result was still amazing. It was [...]

The Journey to the Perfect Burger


Last year we decided we wanted a really good burger so we went on a journey. Sonic was boring, Five Guys was pedestrian and greasy and Elevation Burger was wholly and completely rank.  Perhaps the most disturbing was Bobby Flay's Burger Palace. We walked in the front door, saw all of the bright happy signs with the pimply faced teens behind the counter in disney-esque uniforms, then we turned around and fled. Having given up trying to find an eatery [...]

Empire Biscuits


We've become addicted to a traditional Scottish biccy that we get at one of our favorite places, Cameron's Scottish Market. They are called Empire Biscuits. They are similar to Linzer Tarts but, like so many thing, the Scotts do it better! Cameron's is about an hour away from us so we don't get there too often. To feed our addiction we decided to make our own. We combined a number of recipes. The biscuit itself is a basic shortbread: 1/2 [...]

Sous Vide Cornish Hen


I'm not feeling very well today and was planning relying on the freezer for dinner but then I saw a tweet from @SousVideSupreme on how to spatchcock a bird. It's such an absurd word I had to try it. It's basically butterflying a bird to thin it out so you can cook it in a sous vide oven. I had a cornish hen in the freezer I've been meaning to do something with so this was ideal. It was very simple: Spatchcock [...]

Sous Vide Spare Ribs: A few Do’s and Don’ts


One of the things I like most about sous vide cooking is that it allows me to make pretty good barbecue. This is important for two very significant reasons: 1) because I'm really horrible at making barbecue the traditional way and 2) I am a total barbecue snob. I like my barbecue to be perfect. The local "three time state champion" barbecue restaurant? I can't stand them. They're okay but it's not barbecue. With my handy sous vide supreme I [...]

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